Johan NaudÉ

Founder & CEO

Dr. Johan Naude, Founder of Table Mountain


As a licensed psychologist and leader, Johan is interested in the growth and development of individuals, teams and organizations. His experience working with leaders from a wide range of backgrounds continues to reinforce the idea that people and systems can and do change when applying learning and development principles. He is an expert in the use of assessments and coaching in organizations and has published in this area. Johan has led a global team, and coached and trained individuals and teams in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.


Johan leverages his 20 years of assessment, coaching, and consulting experience to help organizations select and develop leaders, and advises organizations on topics such as leadership and assessment strategy. Johan has designed and delivered a range of programs, including coaching skills for leaders training, to support organizations seeking to build internal capability and capacity related to assessment and coaching skills. As Chief Assessor, then Coaching Talent Leader and Senior Faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) from 2004 to 2016, Johan coached leaders and teams and was the “coach’s coach”, training and supervising CCL’s network of leadership coaches. Johan has over 2,500 hours of coaching experience. Prior to joining CCL, Johan was a US Army Officer and psychologist, practicing clinically in Army Medical Centers and then supporting Special Operations through personnel selection, leadership development, and organizational consulting. Johan’s last assignment in the Army was as Deputy Director, US Army Special Operations Command, Psychological Applications Directorate. Johan has been a Master Trainer for Paradigm Personality Labs since 2007. Johan has led WorkPlace Big Five Profile™  certification workshops for independent consultants and internal Talent Management leaders in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Johan is considered a thought leader in coaching and assessments. He co-authored a popular CCL guidebook, titled “Becoming a Leader-Coach: A step-by-step guide to developing your people.” Johan’s 2016 chapter on coaching and mentoring in the edited book, “Management and Leadership Skills for Medical Faculty: A practical handbook,” continues to be the most downloaded chapter in the book. Johan grew up in South Africa and Upstate New York and has lived in the Pacific Northwest and the Southeastern US.

Johan’s coaching and consulting work frequently involves working with organizations whose leaders and managers have scientific and technical backgrounds, including within Department of Energy, USPTO, DOJ, and Intelligence Agencies, and across sectors including advanced manufacturing, specialty chemicals, biotech, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare. Johan works frequently with leaders across a range of functions, including communications, finance, IT, operations and strategy.

Coaching Approach

Johan thrives when working with individuals and teams in complex environments, including senior executives who are challenged by new transitions and change. He takes a collaborative and systemic approach to his coaching work, believing that ultimately all answers rest within the individual and that the relationship empowers the individual to find those answers. He works collaboratively with his client to assess leadership strengths and opportunities, and partners to set measurable goals. Assessment is only as good as what happens next. Coaching outcomes are greatly improved when there is alignment and accountability with key stakeholders. Johan’s approach is to challenge and support his clients to map out a clear accountability network, partnering with stakeholders who can provide regular and useful feedback. His systems background also informs his approach. Individuals work within a larger context and “seeing” the system is an important aspect of creating optimal conditions for personal growth and leadership development.

Facilitation & Teambuilding Approach

Johan’s training in clinical psychology with a focus on systems theory, in addition to his experience as a leader, converge to inform his practical approach to working with teams and groups. Johan’s work with teams is often focused on improving key success factors, including: a clear team purpose or identity; clarity on expected output and delivery on that expectation; effective team dynamics that reinforce collaboration and that promote learning; and engagement by all members. His approach address these factors by using the business of the team as the vehicle for development. Johan has designed and facilitated a wide range of workshops and programs, often incorporating an organization development focus, designing leadership development sessions that align with the organization’s business and talent strategy. Johan is certified in the 4MAT for Business design methodology, an approach to design that is based on adult learning theory, and takes into-account individual learning styles and organizational objectives.

Relevant Assessment Assignments

  • Assessment for Selection: Engaged in assessment for selection work since 2000; Has assessed hundreds of leaders in the US military and in private sector companies, including assessment for C suite roles. Recent examples include comprehensive assessment for CEO succession in two professional services firms. Currently engaged in CEO succession for large national insurance company and $9BN health system. Ongoing assessment of VP’s for SVP roles with large national retailer.
  • Assessment/Development Centers: Served as an assessor in customized assessment and development centers since 2000. Table Mountain currently has assessment and development centers with a global manufacturing organization and a global research and development pharmaceutical company.
  • Assessment Strategy: As an assessment expert with a systems background, has consulted to organizations on how to create an assessment strategy that best supports their talent strategy.
  • Assessment Certification Workshops: Facilitates assessment certification workshops on the WorkPlace™ assessment suite, which include self-report and a custom 360 assessment.
  • 360 Feedback and multi-assessment feedback: Facilitates 360 and multi-assessment feedback sessions with leaders and has done this work with early career managers to Corporate Officers. Has also designed and delivered 360 and multi-assessment feedback training for coaches.

Relevant Coaching Assignments

  • Executive Coaching: Over 2,500 hours of executive coaching, including executive integration (on-boarding) coaching, with leaders across private and public sector organizations.
  • SES leader with a technical background in a US Government Intelligence Agency. Focus: Change Leadership and developing people.
  • COO of a global bank. Focus: Increase approachability with skip level staff to help develop the bench; Create a more intentional climate of development.
  • CEO of an international manufacturing company. Focus: Improving his ability to give and receive feedback; developing an inquiry-based “leader-coach” approach to model and drive collaboration and innovation in support of the business strategy.
  • Team Coaching: Works with leadership and executive teams, ranging from supporting new team formation to supporting mature teams in becoming more effective. Works with teams to improve key success factors. These include a clear team purpose or identity, clarity on expected output and delivery on that expectation, effective team dynamics that reinforce collaboration and that promote learning and engagement by all members.
  • Worked with CEO and his team in a medical device manufacturer. Focus: Leading strategically and building a more collaborative leadership team to better execute the business strategy.

Relevant Facilitation & Teambuilding Assignments

  • Leadership Development Programs: Has worked with organizations to design and deliver leadership development workshops and more comprehensive multi-phase programs. Some examples include sessions focused on: self-awareness and appreciation of difference; change leadership; conflict competence; influence and leadership culture work.
  • Executive Education Design: As senior faculty and Coaching Leader at CCL, led the discovery and design of significant leadership development programs, often working with clients in national and global organizations across a range of industry sectors. Designed, lead and managed CCL’s New Coach Orientation Program, a program designed to be a stretch experience for professional coaches.
  • Executive Education Delivery: Has delivered sessions ranging from 1 hour to weeklong leadership programs, including multi-session delivery as part of a learning journey. Has facilitated sessions ranging from those focused on a single topic, such as change leadership, to integrated leadership development sessions, designed to focus on several areas of relevance to a team or participants at a particular leader level in the organization.
  • Teambuilding Events: With VP of Communications and her team in a global, diversified manufacturer. Designed/facilitated a one-day session with a focus on self-awareness, appreciation of difference and gaining clarity on the leadership culture needed to help the team achieve its objectives.
  • Coaching Culture and Coaching Skills Workshops: Designed and delivered coaching skills training to professional coaches as well as to leaders, managers and HR Leaders, as well as comprehensive initiatives designed to help organizations build coaching cultures.

Education & Professional Affiliations

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology – focus on systems
  • BCC – Board Certified Coach with over 2500 coaching hours
  • Licensed Psychologist in NC; Coaching Psychologist; Member of the American Psychological Association
  • Adjunct Faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership; Master Trainer for Paradigm Personality Labs
  • Selected assessment certifications and qualifications: CCL’s Benchmarks 360 assessment suite, Change Style Indicator and Change Navigator, Conflict Dynamics Profile, Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile, EQ-I 2.0, Hogan Assessments, Influence Style Indicator, MBTI, NEO-Pi-3, Watson-Glaser III, WorkPlace™  Assessments.
  • Current DoD Security Clearance: TS–SCI eligible