Art Pittman

Executive Coach

Art Pittman, Senior Consultant


Art Pittman is an executive coach, leadership trainer, professional facilitator, and experienced mentor coach. He has worked with leaders, coaches, and teams in a variety of cultures and geographical locations including North and South America, Australia, Europe, India, and China. His personal mission and passion are to support, develop, and encourage others to “act more human” at work. Better humans make better leaders.

Background & Industry Experience

Art has 25+ years of professional experience and has spent the last decade working as an executive and leadership coach. With over 3000 direct contact coaching hours, he has supported teams and leaders in global companies in information technology, engineering, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and financial services as well as medical centers, higher education, national, state, and local governments. He is experienced in delivering assessment feedback for executives and managers and is certified to use a variety of psychometric instruments. Art’s leadership experience includes a tenure as a technology Vice President in a global financial services company where he led a team of coaches supporting culture transformation efforts and activities. Other leadership roles have been in product technology organizations.

Coaching Approach

Art focuses on variety of 21st Century leadership skills like authenticity, accountability, and agility. He partners with clients to help them change their deeply ingrained “hidden habits” to adopt a more supportive, inclusive, and inter-independent leadership style. As the kind, truth-telling coach, expect him to be “totally kind but totally honest” as he challenges, supports, and helps you to hold yourself accountable to the changes you know you want to make.


Art’s facilitation, leadership development and training programs emphasize helping people develop collaborative teams, transparent and responsive organizations, and simple and efficient workflows. He takes a systematic thinking and solutions-focused approach to teambuilding, culture change, and organizational development. His work with senior leaders, managers, and teams is founded both on his professional experience and empirically validated learning science and the latest neuroscience research.



  • 360 Feedback and multi-assessment feedback: Facilitates 360 and multi-assessment feedback sessions with leaders from managers and senior directors through executives and the C-Suite.


  • EVP for Fortune 500 company. Focus: leading and managing during a pandemic, leading up more effectively, giving more frequent feedback to direct reports, building relationships across the organization, and developing 2nd line high-potential leaders.
  • Executive Director, Platform Architecture for Fortune 10 company. Focus: softening directness when giving feedback, using fewer words and allowing others space to think and talk, not being the smartest person in the room, and implementing a “high-quality product” culture.
  • CIO for private college. Focus: leading and managing during a pandemic, being more decisive, taking time to “think more strategically”, working more proactively, and building and maintaining relationships while working remotely.
  • SVP for privately held financial services company. Focus: developing coaching skills for supporting innovation across multiple global teams, implementing organizational change initiatives, asking before telling, using open-ended questions, and being more flexible.
  • Senior technology manager of global manufacturing company in the chemical industry. Focus: developing executive presence, motivating overextended team members, influencing change, thinking strategically, and feeling more at ease when talking to and connecting with people.

Facilitation & Teambuilding

  • Business unit transformation: As senior member of a coaching team, supported the transformation of an organization’s 180 teams to a more customer-focused value delivery model. Trained and coached teams, leaders, and senior leaders to adopt leader as servant behaviors and mindset.
  • Multiple globally dispersed software development teams, financial services. Focus: building trust and psychological safety, developing and establishing team norms and working agreements, delivering customer and business via more frequent releases.
  • Scaling work across departments and business units. Facilitated introduction of cross BU and cross department scaling patterns designed to reduce complexity and increase team effectiveness.
  • Coaching culture and coaching skills workshops: Delivered coaching skills training to leaders, managers and HR Leaders in order to help organizations build internal coaching cultures.


  • Certified user of CCL’s full Assessment Suite, WorkPlace Big Five Profile™, MBTI, FIRO-B, LVI, TILT365, and Agility Health team radar assessment.

Education & Professional Affiliations

  • Professional Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation
  • Certified Professional in Agile Coaching & Facilitation, International Consortium on Agile
  • MA Counseling, Wake Forest University
  • BA Biology, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • Select Trainings and Presentations:
    • “Conflict? What Conflict? How to make a conflict work.”, Oct 2020
    • “Ask, Give, and Receive Feedback”, April 2019
    • “Change Doesn’t Happen Without Feedback; What’s your culture?”, April 2019
    • “The Surprising Little Secret of Leading in a Digital World”, Dec 2017
    • “ASK Model of Coaching”, Nov 2017
    • “Be the Agile Leader Your Team Wants”, July 2017
    • “Happy Employees are not Engaged Employees”, June 2017
    • “Teams, Elephants, and Emotional Intelligence”, Mar 2017