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Inspired by Julius Caesar’s Veni, Vidi, Vici – I came, I saw, I conquered, Coach Vici is an AI coach here to help you conquer your goals.

Coach Vici is your around the clock AI Coach, improving business success by accelerating goal achievement, integrating seamlessly into coaching, leadership development and performance management.

Created by a world-renowned team of coaches and researchers from Stellenbosch University, led by Dr. Nicky Terblanche, using proven coaching and goal attainment theories.

They proved that using Coach Vici resulted in leaders being 31% more likely to reach their goals, and that the AI coach was as effective as a human coach.

WHY Coach Vici

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Through increased achievement of goals and problem solving, Vici boosts your organization’s performance.

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Helps people reflect on organizational objectives, their challenges and supports cultural alignment.

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Coaching Mindset

Exposure to coaching questions sets the stage for your people to develop their own coaching skills.

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Engaging in a reflective process through coaching can increase self-awareness and set the stage for accelerated development.

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Vici links to existing Talent and support resources. Vici becomes the ambassador for your Talent offering.

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Supporting employees with a virtual Coach shows that you care about their wellbeing.


Coach Vici can be integrated into performance management, leadership development, as a multiplier to support live human coaching or by itself as a coaching resource.

Coach Vici is available 24/7 on your smartphone using WhatsApp, integrated into your Teams or Slack channel or as an integration into your custom front-end.

Coach Vici comes with a comprehensive, cloud-based dashboard that provides data analytics about platform engagement, employee sentiment and individual and cohort level goal attainment linked to your organization’s strategic and tactical objectives.

How does Coach Vici work?

Coach Vici is a generative AI chatbot coach that talks to employees via their phones. Here is an example of how the goal setting module works:

1: HR/Management set objectives for individuals and teams 2: Employees talk to Coach Vici to set goals and actions relative to the objectives 3. Vici keep clients accountable with regular check-ins and motivations 4: HR/Management receives reports on individual and team progress, general sentiment and engagement 5: Employees can chat to Vici about challenges and if they have a human coach, Vici can help them stay on track.