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Are you living your values?

Values are a pattern of choices across situations that reflect what is important to a person or a group. Unlike personality traits which tend to be stable over time, one can examine one’s values and choose to prioritize some values over others. The WorkPlace Values Profile™ is a gamechanger for employees and organizations. Values are presented in an approachable way so leaders can easily understand personal values, how they interact, and how they show up in the workplace. Exploring values along with personality traits provides a more complete picture, enabling leaders to explore how their values align to organizational values. 

By giving leaders the ability to make this connection between personal and organizational values, intrinsic motivation is strengthened. By fostering this intrinsic motivation, organizations and employees benefit from greater productivity, employee engagement, and employee retention.

See sample Values Report.

The WorkPlace Values Profile™ measures 16 values

The report shows the rank order of one’s values in comparison to a norm group and the extent to which each value is consistent in one’s life. The report includes customized interpretive narrative for each of the 16 values, along with embedded reflection worksheets to enable individuals to deepen their understanding of their values.

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When should I use the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ 4.0 and The WorkPlace Values Profile™?

They can be used independently or in combination. Here are some of applications for use of these powerful tools.

  • Coaching
  • Leadership development
  • Team building
  • Help people appreciate and leverage their differences for better communication and performance
  • Optimize performance by identifying what energizes people
  • As part of a succession planning process
  • As part of an assessment for selection process