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Organizations come to us for our range of assessment services: executive and managing partner selection, highly skilled senior contributor selection, high potential identification and development, streamlined and scalable solutions to build and leverage internal capability, and customized experiential leader lab simulations to strengthen the talent pipeline.

Table Mountain’s assessment for selection services are delivered through our network of consultants, with decades of experience in assessment for selection in the private and public sector. We use proven assessment tools and processes. Our process is customized to augment your existing talent identification, promotion and hiring practice.


You have critical senior roles to fill and the stakes are high. You need to get this right.

Your talent pipeline needs strengthening and you need to do more to identify your high potential future leaders.

You're hiring too many leaders from outside the organization and need to build a stronger internal talent pipeline.

Your retention rates are not good enough. You need a streamlined solution to improve your hiring decisions to drive increased performance and retention.


Failure rates are high – the leadership literature shows that after 18 months, about 40 percent of internally promoted senior leaders and 50 percent of external hires into executive roles are deemed to have failed to meet expectations.

Organizations often select executives based on their past performance and current skills. However, past performance is no guarantee of success in a more senior role.

Leaders are often selected based on functional expertise and lack of “soft skills” is the primary reason for derailment.

Performance appraisal processes do not often provide clear identification of high potential talent.


Our approach is underpinned by a philosophy of assessment for development. Our assessment services provide clarity and increases confidence in your selection decisions. We partner with you to best determine how to integrate development into the process. An example of this is to provide a feedback coaching experience for each internal candidate or participant, followed by a key stakeholder alignment meeting to craft a meaningful development plan.

Whether you need a streamlined process using psychometrics to provide targeted questions for pre-hire interviews or a robust experiential assessment center, our core process steps apply.

Understand the current and future strategic challenges faced by leaders at all levels in the organization. Define specific job success profiles at all leader levels being assessed and gap analysis to understand the current context.

Customize an assessment strategy and solution to your specific leadership requirements through an open architecture approach and leveraging data integration. Design assessment suites leveraging best-fit assessment tools for identification, selection and development.

Deliver a highly developmental experience that profiles current capability, future potential and fit.

For individuals: In-depth feedback and tailored development plan.

For the organization: objective data to inform selection and development and talent management. Consultative services to provide meaning.

Analysis and Reporting for insights, decision making and action. Actionable insights to understand bench strength and advanced analytics for impact and ROI.

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