Bill Dickinson, Senior Consultant


Bill considers himself a life-long learner and leader.  For almost three decades, Bill has been innovating, designing, and facilitating leadership development content both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.  His larger purpose is equipping organizational leaders with relevant people-leader competencies so that they may thrive in their work and empower others to perform for outstanding company results.  Bill’s specialties have been developing high-potential leaders as well as senior leaders across varied industries.  He is adept at leading conversations that enable leaders to elevate their company purpose, mission, and values; and in identifying and executing on strategic priorities.  Bill is a strong proponent of all teams feeling psychologically safe, personally and professionally.

Understanding the current marketplace and trends is important for Bill as a thought-leader.  Believing that empathic and effective relationships lead to company results and outcomes, Bill’s leadership design philosophy is that strong self-leadership can only heighten one-to-one, team, and organizational leadership.  Emotional Intelligence, Coaching Capabilities, Personal Brand, Cross-Functional Influence, and Leading Change are favored topics for accelerated growth as a leader.  Finally, Bill has been an executive as well as managed teams; he understands the complexities associated with leadership.  And, particularly in this unfortunate COVID-19 reality where employees and leaders feel a high degree of anxiety, uncertainty, as well as new possibility. 


Bill has done comprehensive leadership and coaching work for senior leaders in the following sample of companies:  AbbVie Biopharmaceutical, Atlanta Tech Village, Boeing Airlines, Cardlytics Technology, Coca-Cola Bottling, Cox Automotive, Executive Development Consulting, Miltenyi Biotech, ParkMobile, and TireHub.  He is strong in virtual, hybrid, and in-person delivery environments.  Finally, Bill believes in inclusive, diverse, and equitable organizational cultures.  He is currently an LGBTQ Advisor to the mayor, City of Atlanta.


One’s evolution, as an extraordinary leader and a whole person, is Bill’s primary aim in coaching. Clarity, discovery, and accountability are foundational to the whole coaching relationship. Indeed, Bill believes in the capabilities and experience of the client. His role to listen, clarify, nudge, and ask thoughtful questions so as to foster self-discovery and confidence with all desired outcomes.

Bill’s coaching approach blends adult learning theory, emotional intelligence, and business psychology to elucidate one’s needs and leadership acumen in any given moment. Furthermore, he is grounded in empathy and transparency as a means of fostering mutual respect and trust. Specialties include career advancement, executive presence, interpersonal-professional relationships, and both self-awareness and regulation as an impactful people-leader—up and down the organization.  


Bill has over 10,000 hours of leadership facilitation experience; including, virtual, hybrid, and live formats.  He has advised the leadership development of CEO’s, Entrepreneur’s, Police Chiefs, and Cardinal-Archbishop’s. He has also worked with the dedicated and scrappy teams of a driven small business owner. What fulfills Bill’s own purpose is the growth and confidence of any leader who wants to better develop their own people and achieve their organizational objectives with a noble mindset.

The current global ecosystem demands a new kind of leadership; a leadership that is human and people centric. Bill is recognized for being a current thought-leader. He values that a leader, today, now attends to the total life experience of their employees. Wellbeing, flexibility, and appropriate autonomy have never been more important for professional fulfillment and engagement. And it is with that knowledge that Bill is known for designing relevant and empathic leadership content.

Over the past three years, Bill has been the chief leadership design architect for global & national high-potential and senior leadership development programs in the biopharmaceutical, biotech, technology, and auto industries. These programs have ranged from 30-hours to 12-months; and all almost all include the use of assessments, 360 feedback, and development plans for sustainability.

Finally, Bill is trusted advisor and facilitator as he works with mid-level and senior teams. Typically, he is engaged for identifying or refining organizational purpose and values or in assisting a team to better communicate and collaborate in psychologically safe ways.


  • National Director and Master Facilitator:  Leadership in Context, a 29-Day leadership curriculum supporting self, one-to-one, team, and organizational leadership.
  • Coach and Organizational Consultant:  Multiple Industries and for varying senior teams.  
  • High-Potential and Executive Development:  Small business and Fortune 500 companies. 
  • Change Management and Resilience:  Varied not-for-profit and for-profit organizations. 
  • Team Cohesiveness and Psychological Safety: Countless teams, all levels of leadership.

Education & Professional Affiliations

  • Professional Doctorate, Doctor of Ministry, Leadership Development
  • Master of Arts, Philosophy and Public Presiding
  • Bachelor of Arts, Public Administration
  • Certified Corporate Coach, World-Wide Association of Business Coaches 
  • Master Trainer, Leadership in Context (29-Day leadership curriculum)
  • Assessment Certifications: Hogan Personality Inventory, Learning Agility TALENTx7, Decision-Making StyleView, DISC, FranklinCovey, Birkman Method, and Envisia and Korn-Ferry 360