Jennifer Habig

senior consultant

Jennifer Habig, Senior Consultant


As coach, consultant, and facilitator Jennifer has helped organizations understand the impact of individual and collective leadership on their success. Her background in consulting psychology has prepared her to understand both the psychological and business aspects of that connection. Her approach focuses on meeting individuals and teams where they are and creating space for dialogue, powerful questions, re-framing and connecting. She believes in the power of helping leaders make sense of what they are experiencing and see themselves and their organizations from new perspectives that allow them to take novel action. Her experience working with leaders at all levels and across a wide variety of industries gives her a unique perspective on the practice of leadership. Her own experience as a senior level leader informs her approach and perspective. 


Jennifer began her career by tailoring solutions for individual, team, and organizational development and researching ways to improve the effectiveness of executive coaching. As a Senior Faculty and Coaching Portfolio Manager at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), she consulted with clients to discover their goals for customized leadership solutions; designed and facilitated leadership development programs; coached individual executives and executive leadership teams; delivered large-scale, global executive coaching programs; and created new products for the CCL portfolio that focused on human-centered transformation. 

Jennifer has been able to serve CCL clients and staff in multiple leadership positions. As the Director of Leadership Solutions, she focused on design integrity and delivery quality for all leadership solutions in the Western region and oversaw the selection, onboarding, performance, and strategic utilization of CCL partners and facilitators. As Managing Director, she was responsible for the P&L of the Western region through the leadership of operations, human resources, project management, program support, and leadership solutions. Finally, as the Vice President of Client Solutions for the America’s Region of CCL, she was responsible for the overall quality of all leadership development solutions. During a time of industry disruption, she aligned the staffing strategy for partners, facilitators, and coaches to support to the new business model, she supported the integration of a core design philosophy that allowed for transformative experiences via virtual delivery, and she led an internal movement to re-center and re-imagine CCL’s human-centered differentiation strategy, which impacted marketing, innovation, and new product development.

Jennifer is a versatile coach and consultant who has worked with leaders in a wide range of industries including technology, biotech, fintech, pharmaceutical, medical devices, manufacturing, financial services, consumer products, hospitality, government, higher education, energy, and multiple service industries. She has experience at al leader levels within organizations from C-Suite to first time leaders and managers. 

COACHING & teambuilding APPROACH

Jennifer views coaching as a partnership that supports an individual leader or senior team in the successful execution of business outcomes within a complex environment. Once a thorough assessment of the individual, team, and organizational context is complete, she works to both challenge and support the leaders through the process of shifting mindsets, beliefs, and behaviors that impact their effectiveness and shape their culture. Jennifer believes that development of the leader starts with development of the person. She focuses on helping leaders better know themselves, their teams, and their environment. She helps teams create collective ownership of outcomes, clear responsibilities, shared agreements, and tools that allow for ongoing development of the team, by the team.

Facilitation APPROACH

Jennifer has been designing and facilitating learning experiences for adults for over 20 years. Her approach is grounded in adult learning and development theories and focuses on creating a space for leaders to authentically explore what’s working for them, their people, and their organizations and what’s not. Her designs allow leaders to learn from their experience and the experience of others in ways that create clarity and focus while remaining agile in the face of constant change. 


  • Leadership Development Programs: Jennifer has facilitated across leader levels, industries, and group sizes. She has done both intense multi-day experiences and multi-session learning journeys that take place over time. She has delivered transformational experiences both in person and virtually.
  • Skill-Based Programs: Jennifer has designed and facilitated experiences that allow leaders to practice and develop specific skills, including strategic thinking, executive presence, coaching and developing others, influencing up, down and across the organization, giving and receiving feedback, having difficult conversations, leading change, and working through conflict. 
  • Chief Information Officer, Large Health System; Focus: transition, executive level politics, managing peer relationships in the C-suite, creating buy-in for large-scale change, seeing things from different perspectives.
  • Chief Administrative Officer, Capital Investment; Focus: managing emotions under stress, taking appropriate risks, increased flexibility/adaptability to changing conditions, adjustment to a new boss.
  • President, Large Educational Institution; Focus: executive presence, strategic planning that creates commitment and engagement, building a senior leadership team.
  • VP of Finance, Global Investment Bank, Focus: transition into a new position with increased strategic responsibility, prioritization, practical tools for dealing with conflict. 
  • Team Development, Multiple Industries: Focus: collective ownership of outcomes, clear responsibilities, shared agreements, and tools that allow for ongoing development of the team, by the team. Areas of focus have included: developing a leadership strategy, organizational culture change, change in leadership or business focus.  
  • Assessment Certification Workshops: Facilitates assessment certification workshops on the Center for Creative Leaderships Benchmarks suite of 360 assessments. 
  • 360 Feedback and multi-assessment feedback: Facilitates the integration of 360 and personality assessment data into insights that create action. 

Education & Professional Affiliations

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Consulting Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology.
  • Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Purdue University
  • Board-Certified Coach (BCC) through the Center for Credentialing and Education
  • Leadership Solutions Facilitator for the Center for Creative Leadership

Selected assessment certifications & qualifications

  • Vertical OD – Global Leadership Associates (2021)
  • Global Leadership Profile – Global Leadership Associates (2021)
  • Organizational Workshop – Power & Systems (2016)
  • Hogan Assessment Suite – Performance Programs Inc. (2012)
  • Influence Style Indicator – Discovery Learning (2011)
  • WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ – Paradigm Personality Labs (2007)
  • 4MAT Certified Designer – Center for Creative Leadership (2010)
  • Certified 360 Facilitator – Center for Creative Leadership (2007)
  • Conflict Dynamics Profile – Eckert College (2007)
  • MBTI and FIRO-B qualified

Research & Selected publications

  • Doctoral Dissertation: The Mediating Effect of Managerial Coaching Behaviors on the Trickle Down of Perceived Supervisor Support
  • Master’s Thesis: The Effects of Structured Decision-Making Techniques on Information Sharing, Conflict, Effectiveness, and Viability in TeamsLife in the Fast Lane: Accelerating Continuous Development for Fast- Paced Organizations
  • Training Industry Magazine (2018)
  • Evaluating Coaching Interventions
  • Handbook of Coaching in Organizations (2015)
  • Measuring the Impact (Coaching)
  • Training Journal (2014)