John Christensen, Senior Consultant


John is a retired Partner from Deloitte Consulting with over 35 years of experience coaching and consulting to executives.  He brings unique depth in both “hard” business and “soft” interpersonal arenas to effectively help clients achieve their goals.


John began his career as a highly successful entrepreneur. Later, he built a 100-person consulting firm specializing in organization/leadership development and operations management that was acquired by Deloitte Consulting.   

During his tenure with Deloitte as a Senior Partner, he developed and led several large practices with revenues of nearly $250 million, including Change Leadership, B2B e-commerce, Supply Chain Operations and Sustainability.    

As a global practice leader, John has consulted to executives in 164 of the Fortune 500 companies across virtually all industries. He has led numerous multi-year global operations improvement and technology implementation engagements. He has also worked extensively with major technology, pharmaceutical, energy and financial companies on projects ranging from leadership programs to supply chain optimization to financial systems implementation. 


John specializes in working with executives seeking to lead change more effectively in their organizations and demonstrate “next level” capabilities. He tailors his style to meet his client’s needs and focuses on tangible goals. His engagements typically include an assessment phase leading to goal setting followed by ongoing performance coaching. To help clients achieve their goals he couples both a facilitative approach and more direct teaching/coaching style as needed for each of the client’s goals.  


  • President of medical device manufacturer. Focus: Integrating his newly acquired firm into a large organization and accelerating growth.  
  • New CTO of a large healthcare organization. Focus: Skills to lead a far larger group of IT professionals and shift from “brand” as a domain expert to organization-wide business leader.   
  • VP of facilities and supply chain for one of the largest Biotech firms. Focus: Leadership skills to manage the transition of several large in-house divisions to outsource providers  

Education & Professional Affiliations

  • John attended University of Santa Clara and San Jose State University and obtained B.S. degrees in Business & Psychology and an M.A. in Organizational Psychology.   
  • John is certified in dozens of psychometric evaluation and leadership instruments, including FIRO B, MBTI and Workplace Big Five™.  
  • Affiliations are/have included:  The American Management Association, The Stanford Supply Chain Forum, The International Association of Management Consultants & The California Clean Tech Open

Select publications, speeches & Podcasts

  • “Spend Management, a New Discipline for Cost Control,” Deloitte white paper 
  • “Sustainability & Shareholder Value,” Keynote Speech Commonwealth Club • “Getting Green by Going Green,” Deloitte podcast   
  • “Transforming Procurement on a Global Basis,” Keynote speech Procurecom Europe  
  • “The Future of b2b Exchanges,” A 5-part conference presented globally with Dr. Michael Hammer   
  • “Lessons Learned from an Executive Coach,” Power Lunch interview, MSNBC   
  • “What it Takes for the United Way to Really Be United,” Northern California United Way Conference   
  • “Reinventing the Utility in the Face of Deregulation,” Keynote address, Pacific Coast Electrical Association