Maqsood Mamawala

Senior Consultant

Maqsood Mamawala, Senior Consultant


Maqsood is passionate about finding ways to assist leaders globally in quickly reaching their own ‘next phase’—using his varied background and cross-cultural experiences in Performance Management, particularly in Sales, Leadership, Marketing & Distribution. He is driven to help you find ways to identify and improve upon your skills and competencies in order to achieve your personal and professional Growth & Revenue goals. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or managing a team of associates or even managers, Maqsood is committed to helping you find ways to enhance your practice, team, and/or company via 1:1 and/or team coaching—be it face-to-face or virtual.


Having lived and worked with clients in the Americas, Asia (including the Middle East), Africa, Europe, and speaking multiple languages, Maqsood has a unique awareness and sensitivity which allows him to effectively coach in multicultural business environments. In addition to coaching across the U.S., he has worked with clients in China, Cote de Ivoire, France, Germany, India, Japan, Jordan, Mexico, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Taiwan, the U. K., and Vietnam.

Maqsood’s clients hail from across a wide spectrum of companies, including Auditing, Automotive, Banking, Consumer & Wholesale businesses, Education, Engineering, Entertainment, Community Services, Insurance & Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Investments, Marketing & Sales, Manufacturing, a variety of Non-Profits & NGOs, Operations, Research & Development, Technology, etc.

Coaching Approach

In his Executive, Leadership & Business Coaching practice, Maqsood particularly enjoys working with leaders who are either new to the role or are moving into broader responsibilities that require them to view their executive and leadership talents and challenges through a new/different lens. His coaching process draws on his keen understanding of leadership, organizational culture, business, diversity, teams, and individual change. 

Maqsood uses a holistic approach to understand and learn about the many aspects of his clients’ professional life, including any challenges related to work-life balance. He focuses on identifying and enhancing their strengths while addressing gaps, helping them to create personalized strategies and tactics for success in the short and long-term, via the co-creation of their personalized development action plan. He further encourages and helps his clients to build metrics to measure their progress, including processes to follow-up and communicate with their managers and other key stakeholders, as well as how to celebrate successes.

Facilitation & Teambuilding Approach

After a successful Sales and Management career, Maqsood moved into the world of training and development. His experience as a practitioner and leader has allowed him to create and facilitate meaningful and relevant programs for individuals, teams and groups of all sizes. Maqsood’s work with teams—both for in-person and virtual cohorts is focused on quickly assisting his clients to identify their key priorities and then helping them to define and coalesce around the critical success factors they want to focus on, to reach their goals. His facilitation and teambuilding style favors collaboration and sharing without judgement, to promote the full engagement and learning of all participants. 

Relevant Coaching Assignments

  • Workshop and facilitation work in small and large groups for broad and targeted Leadership related topics
  • SVP and Chief Officer-Global Operations, accounting firm, assisting her move to a new role with more responsibilities while managing multiple priorities simultaneously. Finding more ways to better her ‘negotiating’ skill set and increasing global awareness.
  • CEO and COO, Midsize business owners (married couple), focusing on increasing sales and profitability, reviewing and updating business practices, tools and resources while assisting in changing the culture of their firm to thrive now and in the future, while developing associates and managers.
  • CFO, Retail Sales, effectively managing increasing demands and needs of the CEO while managing her relationship with the current manager who is upset as he wants to be always involved and consulted. 
  • Executive VP, Non-Profit, assisting him as he prepares for a pending promotion while recruiting, selecting and developing a successor, as he strives to improve engagement and buy-in from the Board of Directors.
  • Chief Audit Executive, Non-Profit, assisting how best to manage the increasing # of planned and scheduled audits given rapid growth and changes being required in business processes—with increasing communications with the President and Executive Management team.
  • VP, global financial services company. Focus: Manage the transition to a new company, with a larger team and more responsibilities, while quickly adapting to the new culture and hierarchy. 
  • VP, Head of a division, global auto company, assist him how to manage across multiple priorities, becoming a better-rounded person and exploring the best way to find a good work-life balance, while recognizing the need to change if it is not possible to find this in the present position.
  • VP, Bank, focusing on how to address her being taken seriously while addressing the probable lack of future for her team and project and the lack of access to organizational information.
  • VP, Brokerage Services, effectively managing up and working better with the team, while looking for better tools and resources to be able to reach increasing sales goals in a changing and more competitive marketplace.
  • VP, Corporate Counsel, Law Dept. Insurance Company, focusing on how to quickly move from being an individual contributor to leading a team and thriving in a highly matrixed organization.

Relevant Facilitation & Teambuilding Assignments

Maqsood has designed and received accolades for his ability to effectively facilitate 1:1 sessions, along with team and group audiences. He has presented leadership, business and even social and cultural-based workshops and programs to both small and large groups, using his varied skills and vast experiences on topics ranging from all aspects of Leadership, Performance Management and Development, Team Dynamics, Effective Presentation Skills to those related to improving Selling Skills and Recruiting, Selection & Retention processes and systems. 

Education & Professional Affiliations

Certifications/qualifications include the following instruments/assessments:

Various 360s, Hogan, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, WorkPlace Big 5 Profile™, DISC, and Strong Business & Learning Tactics Inventory tools. Maqsood is also qualified to deliver other psychometric instruments including the Change & Influence Style Indicators, FIRO-B®, FIRO Business, and FourSight Thinking Profile.

Education, Professional Affiliations & Languages:

  • MBA in International Marketing, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, U.S.A.
  • Chartered Financial Consultant, (ChFC), The American College, U.S.A.
  • Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), The American College, U.S.A
  • Certified Professional Business Coach (CPBC), The Professional Business Coach Association, U.S.A.
  • BSc in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics, University of Pune, India
  • Fluency in Hindi, Gujarati, and a working knowledge of French, Urdu & Marathi
  • Additionally, Maqsood is passionate about and involved in many pro bono and volunteer endeavors.