Richard Walsh

Portfolio Lead, Leadership Development

Richard Walsh, Portfolio Lead Leadership Services


Rich is passionate about coaching and developing leaders, teams and organizations to succeed in today’s dynamic environment. With proven experience as a senior leader and expertise in leadership, transformation and communications, he delivers cutting-edge solutions to address his clients’ most pressing needs and to bring forth their unique talents. Walsh creates a strong and collaborative approach to achieve results.

Background & Industry Experience

By building deep connections with clients, Rich applies his unique combination of experiences in industry, consulting, and executive education. He generously shares his hands-on experience as a senior leader with AT&T and GE, global consulting with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), and data analytics while directing executive education at top business schools. Rich leverages his strong network with other top leaders, consultants & senior faculty at CCL, McKinsey, Deloitte, Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, London, MiL of Sweden, Insead, Melbourne & others. As a result, Rich creates high value as he guides clients, designs and facilitates solutions and challenges, coaches and supports leaders. He naturally offers a global perspective from working across the Americas, Europe & Asia.


Walsh believes that a strong mix of complex challenges and hands-on experiences ensure an optimum environment to learn, lead and grow. He applies a strategic approach to co-discover with his clients their greatest opportunities for success. He then co-creates high impact and innovative solutions that are built upon the unique goals of his client organizations, executives, sponsors, teams and individuals.

Coaching. Rich is well trained, certified and experienced in coaching by top organizations such as the Center for Creative Leadership, International Coaching Federation, Table Mountain Consulting Group and other distinguished firms. He applies a systemic, measurable, and highly customized approach in coaching leaders while developing and achieving their goals, both at work and in life.  He is highly skilled in offering both face-to-face and on-line coaching, and brings hands-on experience working with individuals, teams & organizations. He is certified in over 100 top assessments, programs, experientials & simulations.

Facilitation & Teambuilding. Walsh is often asked to facilitate large and small groups, whether on-line or face to face, in business settings, off-site or in experiential venues. He is a dynamic, master-certified facilitator in change, applied learning and leadership. Over time, he facilitated hundreds of groups and worked alongside other top facilitators at CCL along with John Kotter, Meg Wheatly, Ram Charan, Abigail Dunne-Moses, Bill Pasmore, Jennifer Martineau, Marshall Goldsmith, Sanyin Siang, Bill Torbert, Portia Mount, Johan Naude, Laura Santana, and Barry Heermann. While working in industry, he successfully performed the roles of vice president, director, manager, master facilitator & executive coach. These varied experiences help him bring unique value and build credibility with his clients.

Relevant Assignments

Coaching Assignments
Coached over 100 executives and 500 directors and managers. 

  • Chief Technology Officer of a software firm. Focus: coaching CTO and 24 leaders on areas of strengths and development.
  • 4 Medical Directors in a major healthcare system. Focus: leading others while preparing for future industry disruptions.
  • Healthcare Leadership. Focus: preparing, assessing, developing and coaching 24 clinical leaders and program directors.
  • CEO, global manufacturer. Focus: preparing 12 senior leaders for future change and growth.
  • High Potentials & Next Gen-eration of Leaders for a Big 3 automaker. Focus: coaching and developing a group of 24 executives in sponsoring, mentoring, and advancing high-potential women & diverse leaders.
  • CEO/COO, private insurance firm. Focus: strengthening board, senior team, and family on leadership and succession.
  • Cross-functional leadership. Focus: coaching leaders in technology, science, engineering, finance, HR, and marketing.

Facilitation & Teambuilding Assignments
Facilitated over 500 groups and teams. 

  • Leadership & Teambuilding. Focus: working with global, executive teams to strengthen leadership and team dynamics across industries such as software, manufacturing, auto, healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial, retail, and hospitality.
  • Strategy. Focus: guiding teams and boards to align their strategic direction while anticipating further change & growth.
  • Transformation. Focus: facilitating culture, value and “customer listening” sessions at AT&T, and GE, as well as action learning projects with Volvo Group in Sweden, Whirlpool EMEA in Italy, Delta in Japan, and Emerson Electric in China.
  • Preparing future leaders. Focus: leading mentoring sessions across the US Air Force, Whirlpool, FCA, & Pharma.
  • Experiential learning. Focus: enhancing learning and team dynamics in a wide range of outside venues including hiking, horseback riding, sailing, golfing, and skiing. Also, helping clients plan community service for executives & high potential leaders.

Consulting Assignments
Led many global consulting projects.  

  • Talent Strategy. Focus: working with HR VP of major retailer to strengthen the firm’s culture, leadership strategy & succession.
  • Psychometric Assessment. Focus: designing and helping to validate two “core” leadership assessments.
  • Assessment for Selection & High Potential Talent. Focus: directing leadership assessment centers at AT&T and GE.
  • Portfolio Management. Focus: leading the design, development & implementation of CCL’s new “coaching for results”, “leading the function” and “action-learning” portfolios. Designing assessments, tools, and services while delivering solutions for key clients. Planning & hosting a global forum in action learning and co-publishing best practices.
  • HR Consulting. Focus: guiding HR teams during times of change, such as AT&T’s tri-vestiture and Wal-Mart’s rapid growth.


  • Leadership: All of CCL’s and most other top leadership consulting firms’ multi-rater assessments, programs and simulations. Special emphasis is on Leadership, Coaching, Mentoring, Action Learning, Action Inquiry, Agility, Situational Leadership, Vertical Leadership, Team & Organizational Effectiveness, 4Mat Instructional Design, Discovering Purpose, and Career Management, as well as Excellence in Leadership, Healthcare Provider Leadership, Medical Student Leadership, Women in Leadership, Excellence in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and others.
  • Self-assessments: Certified in most self-assessments such as MBTI, FIRO-B, WPB5, Hogan, CPI, Trust, Dennison, Change Style, Decision Style, Conflict Dynamics, Emotional Intelligence, Mentoring, Influence Tactics, Learning Style, Work/Life Integration and others.
  • Business Certifications: Strategy, transformation, change, executive communications, systems dynamics, solutions selling, consultative skills, global business, future trends, data-analytics, financial modeling, balanced scorecard, and project management.
  • HR Certifications: Compensation (CCP) and benefits (CEBS), plus succession, talent, employee engagement, performance and others.


  • MBA in International Marketing from the University of Dayton, (along with the Universities of Augsburg, Toulouse, & Thunderbird).
  • Masters’ Certificate in Business & Social Ethics from Harvard.
  • BS in Business & HR Management from Northeastern University.
  • Certified in over 100 top assessments, programs, experientials, & simulations.
  • Published over 30 articles and guides including Leading with Impact; Turning Crisis into Opportunity; Reshaping Our Business – Redefining Our Leadership; Preparing for the Future; Leading Strategically; Mentoring & Preparing the Next Gen of Leaders; Emerging Trends in Executive Education; and Innovative Practices in Talent Management.