Ritu Rohatgi

Senior Consultant

Ritu Rohatgi, Senior Consultant


Ritu is a Global Executive Coach and Leadership Capacity Builder with expertise in strategic leadership and organizational effectiveness. She understands well what it is to be a leader in today’s globalized, interconnected and fast changing world of business, technology, commerce and community.

A Canadian citizen (Indian origin) she works from Toronto, Canada & Ann Arbor, USA. She has lived/worked in Europe and SE Asia, Australia, Seychelles and South Africa.

Her unique combination of twenty years senior management experience combined with developing the potential and performance of leaders in Asian and North American cultures – as a leadership facilitator and coach – helps her design and deliver individual and group executive development programs that enable organizations achieve strategic and operational results through a customized ‘align business strategy with leadership effectiveness’ approach.

These programs prepare global leaders with personal, interpersonal, cultural, and global leadership competencies and help them create and implement solutions to the complex challenges in the global marketplace.  They also help leaders to leverage differences, make better decisions, communicate more effectively, build relationships and anticipate cultural issues in business to make empowered, innovative decisions.

A trusted advisor, she is widely regarded as an insightful collaborator and partner. Her work with leaders – individually and as a team – in f2f and/or virtual settings – is to enable transformation and enhance effectiveness, engagement and influence; manage transitions and change; build strong relationships; enable strategic thinking – as they lead themselves, their teams and organizations into the future.

Background & Industry Experience

Ritu began her professional career in international marketing. She was a product head combining client acquisition, account management, product development and ‘go to market’ strategy with leading a team of professionals that handled commercials, banking and shipping. She progressively advanced in her career to head the global strategy for a large diversified group and then head the regional operations of the American Management Association in South Asia. 

Two decades ago, as an International Marketing Consultant to the Tourism Ministry in the island nation of Seychelles, Ritu was tasked to the re-position and re-brand the destination beyond the sun, sand, and sea. The ensuing market segmentation and creation of marketing collateral was ‘fun’ and extremely well received in the markets of Europe, Africa and Asia. Then, the newly minted marketing strategy needed to be implemented. Else it was just a paper exercise! It became a career defining moment: Ritu learned to actually build, grow and develop a team; work with internal and external stakeholders and collaborate to ensure that every member shared the vision. It was an exercise in achieving strategic targets and goals – it was the ‘what and ‘how’ of collaborating and collectively envisioning the business outcomes and making it our personal journey – together!

Ritu says: “I truly learned to value people – the diversity, the complexity, the potential and the myriad perspectives that they bring and how they enrich the leadership process. Leadership is a social process that invites us to grow capacity – way beyond the technical competence and subject matter expertise.”

Since then, Ritu moved to the ‘people’ side of business as a global leadership facilitator, consultant and an executive and leadership coach.

Areas of Expertise: 

  • Individual executive coaching
  • Team/Group coaching
  • Shadow coaching
  • Design and Facilitation of global leadership development programs,
  • Executive, Leader and Team Interviews, Assessment and Feedback (360 and personality)

Ritu brings her passion ‘to make a difference’ through her coaching and enables clients to become more impactful leaders in today’s VUCA world.

Notable Experiences as Corporate Leader:

Regional Director for the American Management Association (AMA) based in India (SE Asia responsibility) she positioned customized, integrated leadership development solutions to Fortune 200 clients (WIPRO, Unilever, St Gobain) and exceeded targets by 30 percent.

Director – Operations and People at ThoughtWorks Inc., established the India development center for distributed development and agile methodologies. Grew organization from 0 to 80 people in 6 months; designed the learning strategy and implemented on-boarding learning to significantly enhance cross cultural effectiveness on technical and managerial projects across USA, EMEA and India.

International Marketing Strategy Head at Eicher International, developed and executed the global marketing strategy for the diversified range of the group’s products; managed learning to deploy strategy across multi-functional leadership teams in multiple countries and managed high performing cross-functional teams. Managed a budget of USD 60mn.

Coaching Approach

Ritu has a strengths-based approach to coaching – help clients discover and leverage their strengths to lead self and others. This includes an uncovering of their deep seated conditioned behaviors and working with that awareness. Coaching is:

  • Not about fixing – you are creative, resourceful and whole. You have the answers and the potential.
  • Making conscious, intentional choices as you build and grow your self-awareness
  • About deepening your learning and forwarding your action – persevering with practices and build muscle.
  • You are free to share whatever you want with whomever you want. I am free to share nothing, unless I have your permission.

The coaching she offers is holistic, results oriented and evidence based. Assessments and discovery interviews help identify all that is within: long-standing patterns of habit, mind-sets and beliefs. She co-creates goals, defines outcomes and develops the ability to ideate and move in new directions and possibilities. This enables change in behavior and also the mindset needed to sustain that change. Thus, the change endures over time, beyond the coaching contract.

Her work with leaders – individually and as a team – in f2f and/or virtual settings – is to enable transformation and enhance effectiveness, engagement and influence; manage transitions and change; build strong relationships; enable strategic thinking – as they lead themselves, their teams and organizations into the future.

Facilitation & Teambuilding Approach

As a certified Adult Educator, Ritu uses methodology that takes into account unique learning styles., She has designed and facilitated leadership development programs where skills and experiential learning are intertwined to integrate multiple intelligences.

  • Facilitate group learning programs to build capacity, capability and competencies
  • Align people strategy with business strategy and develop effective teams
  • Design leadership development solutions: enable succession planning; develop competencies; cultural alignment and change management

Relevant Assignments

Executive Coaching
Over 2500 hours of executive coaching, including executive integration, 360 Feedback and multi-assessment feedback as well as team coaching.

She practices ‘intentional inclusion’; employs an integrated ‘head, heart and gut’ approach to achieve holistic & cultural alignment; build resilience and develop authentic leaders. Some engagements:

  • Executive Transition and Presence: SVP – Gold Mining (across 3 continents) – Built leadership presence and grew ‘Statesmanship’ – communicate with impact and build strategic networks thus growing the ability to influence, inspire and delegate effectively; build trust and followership and ‘manage’ relationships with C-suite.
  • Authentic Leadership: Head-Insurance Services – Medical Insurance Association – Enabled leadership capacity and competence through recognition of innate strengths. Be more assertive and creative; develop emotional courage to have difficult conversations and develop listening skills to be more collaborative.
  • “New” Leadership: Country Head – Mobile Security – challenged by the ‘new culture’ and co-existing ex-head. Strengthened his relationships in a matrix, multi-location organization and align with the new culture. Develop communication skills, ability to resolve conflicts and influence outcomes.

Facilitation & Teambuilding


Challenge: “address our current barriers and ensure we are building an accepting, diverse and inclusive community inside our company, our games and beyond, we need to focus on a strategic, cultural intervention that will allow our senior leaders to make future decisions with an inclusive lens”

Coached the participants within the facilitated workshop to:

  • Redesign or dismantle identified barriers that limit the ability of everyone to thrive
  • Sustain change by building meaningful personal/organizational action plans and tracking progress against them


Challenge: Due to the Pandemic (COVID 19) the 6 member leadership team in Puerto Rico, was working remotely. This brought about a feeling of overwhelm as professional and personal boundaries blurred. Cohesion, collaboration and trust needed to be built to manage operations effectively, meet targets and build clarity, resilience and flexibility to deal with the ongoing uncertainty.

  • Designed a development program to balance renewal and performance and strengthen emotional social resilience
  • Inner Play: Build self-awareness; understand and regulate our inner state; develop personal strategies to nurture ourselves and lean into our uniqueness (Leadership Circle Profile Self-Assessment)
  • Outer Game: Continue to be curious about each other, strengthen listening skills; build multiple perspectives; be realistic about our expectations; adjust schedules to maintain focus and energy while getting the right things done and collaborate effectively – learn from each other

Individual 1:1 sessions and Group Coaching sessions to build collaboration and communicate effectively

Challenge: Women and under-represented ethnic leaders did not have voice and agency and did not feel included leading to disengagement.

Identified the self-limiting beliefs; the leadership competency gaps and the systemic bias inherent in the system to design customized development programs for individuals and the group:

  • Advance the leadership development of this cohort
  • Continue Elevating BMS’ strong culture of diversity and inclusion
  • Provide participants important exposure to senior BMS leaders
  • Accelerate innovation throughout the US Commercial Leadership


Challenge: What standards of leadership – characteristics – are needed to be effective in this complex world? Moved them from command and control, fixed mindset, focus on outer game and perfection to behaviors that serve them.

Defined, designed and facilitated a sustained development effort.

  • Deep appreciation of how the inner game enables the outer game
  • Working through empowerment, networks and collaboration to unlock value
  • Leadership style driven by purpose and service
  • Leading with agility, creating the context for experimentation
  • Continuing to learn and hone personal mastery in leading



  • LEA 360
  • Leadership Circle 360
  • Leadership Culture Survey
  • Center for Creative Leadership 360 Assessment
  • Coaching Mindset Index
  • Team Effectiveness Survey
  • Influence Style Indicator
  • WorkPlace Big Five Profile™
  • Firo-Business  
  • Enneagram and Relationships         
  • Excellence in Adult Education


  • Hogan Suite
  • Immunity to Change
  • MBTI
  • DiSC

Education & Professional Affiliations


  • Post Graduate Diploma in International Trade                               
  • Master of Business Administration (Distinction in Marketing and Organizational Behavior)
  • Bachelor of Science       


  • PCC Credential from International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Certified Leadership Coach, Center of Creative Leadership (CCL), North Carolina
  • Certified Professional (Integral) Coach, New Ventures West, California, USA
  • Art of Developmental Coaching
  • Power of Embodied Transformation


  • International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Women in Leadership (WIL)
  • Women For Change Coaching Community
  • Humanitarian Coaching Network (HCN)
  • Growth Edge Network (GEN)
  • Art of Developmental Coaching (AoDC)