Rob Elsey


Rob Elsey, Senior Consultant


Rob is a Board-Certified Executive Coach, Psychologist and organizational advisor with 20+ years of experience in leadership development. Rob is an expert in executive coaching, large-scale leadership development initiatives, coaching skills development, M&A talent integration, change management, culture transformation, and organizational succession planning. Coaching specialties include executive assessment for selection and development, executive team alignment and performance. Clients range from Fortune 500 Executives, Boards to regional family-owned companies.


Dr. Elsey’s experience as a corporate leader, his time in a business advisory consultancy and his background in behavioral sciences dovetail nicely to guide his coaching and consulting practice. He leverages this experience to strengthen and accelerate talent capabilities using practical methods. As an executive coach, Rob works with diverse global audiences across industries, typically engaging High-Potentials, Executives, and Boards. Rob has worked across a wide variety of industry sectors like chemical, consumer products, energy, financial services, healthcare, media, pharmaceutical, technology and government; from front line to C- Fortune 500 C-suite executives and their teams around the world.


Rob uses a practical approach, believing that development must occur in the context of the work that needs to be accomplished. The coaching work is influenced by a variety of motivators including the client’s personal goals and commitment, the organization’s needs and desired outcomes, and the time frame of the coaching engagement. Together these help define the approach, establish the necessary trust-relationship to encourage the coachee to challenge their assumptions, limiting thoughts and behaviors. Often a variety of techniques are used to support and compliment the healthy leadership attributes and style they bring to the work. 


Clients included a mix of Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies across multiple industries. Recent engagements include: 

  • Executive Coaching: Currently coaching multiple executives in Fortune 500 companies and non-profits [Industries: Healthcare, Legal, Manufacturing, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Semiconductor, Sports and Technology; Roles: Board Members, C-Suite: CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CNO, CIO, VPs)
  • Leadership Development Programs: Actively designing and delivering multiple leadership development programs for multiple Fortune 1000 companies that include attendees across all levels, from Frontline Supervisors to C-Suite Executives 
  • Skills Training: Implementing skills curriculums on topics: Effective communication and feedback practices; Emotional Intelligence; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion practices; and on-going seminars on Unconscious Biases that impact organizational cultures
  • Executive Team Development: For global manufacturing firm, currently assessing new executive team members; coaching high-potential VPs for new roles and planning for post-merger integration strategy
  • Private Equity: Assessing and coaching C-Suite leaders for PE portfolio companies across industries [assessment for selection and development, succession planning, executive team development, and individual remediation of an executive]
  • Professional Services: Working with multiple big four public accounting firms on developing people systems, innovation and technology divisions; broader people initiatives that include leadership programs, talent, culture and systems development; coaching multiple executive level leaders; partnering with Talent group on DEI efforts

Education & Professional Affiliations

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical and Educational Psychology
  • CCE Board Certified Coach
  • Member of the American Psychological Association
  • Member of the Society for Consulting Psychology


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