Sean Germond



Sean Germond is a registered Psychologist and Organizational Leadership practitioner who has been associated with Table Mountain since 2018 – he has known Johan since 2009 (as Senior Faculty members of CCL). He has over 25 years of experience working with leaders, executive leadership teams and their broader organizations in multi-national corporations across a wide range of sectors. Apart from his experience in South Africa, Sean has worked with clients (in situ and live online) across Africa, the Middle East and Europe, with each client engagement requiring a consideration of their local context, organizational culture and industry/sector realities in relation to their leadership and organizational development priorities.

Background & Industry Experience

Sean has worked with executive directors and senior managers to understand, define, and realize their development goals that take into account their personal and organizational context. Having started out in Occupational Health (as a health psychologist focused on resilience and risk mitigation), he shifted his focus to understanding the ‘healthy company’ which led to his enduring interest in the intersect between the individual and the social system, and leadership as a social process over and above the personal attributes of the individual. He has designed and delivered Coaching programs for executive leadership teams that have centered around their strategy-into-action execution agendas, and has assisted functional leadership teams (e.g., Marketing, Sales, Supply, Finance) to deliver on their change impact initiatives within and across the organization. He has partnered with leadership teams to implement large scale change interventions (particularly those changes that are transformative), working in partnership with internal stakeholders and OD practitioners. His interest in high performance organizations meant that Sean has facilitated numerous multi-stakeholder strategy and business planning processes to instill within and across team goal alignment that is supported by execution principles, systems and practices (ways of working). He has partnered with clients to design their bespoke, client owned “learning & development” programs to address strategic capability and talent development requirements – and the more recent Covid-19 pivot to live online learning. Sean has delivered numerous group-based Leadership training events, both face-to-face and live online modules, across most of Center for Creative Leadership’s (CCL) leadership solutions. Sean has consulted on occupational health policy and risk mitigation programs, provided counselling services to patients and their healthcare teams, delivered leadership assessment interventions, and mentored internal organizational development practitioners.

Sean’s curiosity as well as his training in systems thinking, interest in whole system thinking.  He has worked across all key sectors, primarily with senior management teams. This experience has resulted in a deep understanding of the bigger context and larger system considerations that have required these clients/entities to seek assistance with the leadership and organizational implications of their business priorities and change agendas.

Coaching Approach

Sean’s Executive coaching approach has always been based on the principle that the coaching process itself is a journey that is iterative and dynamic whilst being focused on defined goals and concrete outcomes that make a difference. Of particular interest is that intersect where the leader meets the organization and what it takes to navigate those thresholds that are defined by changes that are both deeply personal and embedded in an organizational context. His Coaching assignments are either linked to group-based leadership development programme outcomes or as part of Talent Development/Executive development initiatives (he started coaching as a result of his early work in Executive Health programs). Typical assignments have ranged from assisting Regional Directors with their ability to lead and influence across boundaries to Country Managing Directors having to implement Global entity lead organizational changes that need to be localized.

Facilitation & Teambuilding Approach

As a Facilitator and Organizational Leadership practitioner, Sean has a particular interest in working with emergent processes and the practices and activities that are required to enable a group to explore novel and often challenging issues in ways that unlocks the wisdom of the collective whilst honoring contribution of diverse individual insights and perspectives. With all the clients, his service has typically been a contracted engagement (project and/or programme based) linked to a defined set of outcomes that have been firmly based on specific business improvement and change projects. As one client CEO commented, “Sean is not an interventionist, he is able to partner with us in the long run.”

Relevant Assessment Assignments

  • Assessment for Selection: On going assessment for recruitment as well as part of Talent development initiatives.
  • Assessment/Development: Use of relevant psychometric assessments as part of group-based learning and development programs.
  • Assessment Certification Workshops: Facilitates assessment certification workshops on the WorkPlace™ assessment suite, which include self-report and a custom 360 assessment.

Relevant Coaching Assignments

  • Executive Coaching: Since 1997, Sean has accumulated more than 3000 hours of executive coaching, including executive integration (on-boarding) coaching, HiPO coaching (retention and career pathing) and functional leadership development in primarily private and some public sector organizations.
  • Team Coaching: Sean’s primary interest has been in working with leadership and executive teams, ranging from supporting new team formation to supporting teams that are in transition as a result of changes in members and/or business/organizational transformation agendas. He has developed his own bespoke methods and intervention processes that are based on both well research theory & practice as well as hands on experience.

Relevant Facilitation & Teambuilding Assignments

  • Leadership Development Programs: design, facilitation and coaching: Having his own business entity as well as being an associate with TMCG as well as CCL, Sean is constantly engaged in delivering coaching as part of learning and development programs. He is also actively involved in the design of bespoke/tailored (user centric and context relevant) programs for clients, across a range of industry sectors.
  • Digital Leadership: Since 2019, Sean has expanded on his core interest in the new world of work and the organizational development implications of the 4th industrial revolution (digital) both on mindsets as well as practices.

Education & Professional Affiliations

  • Masters in Psychology (MA) – focus on systems thinking and practice.
  • BCC – Board Certified Coach with over 3000 coaching hours.
  • Licensed Psychologist in South Africa, Counselling registration (HPCSA).
  • Associate Faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership.
  • Master Trainer and Distributor for Paradigm Personality Labs.
  • Selected assessment certifications and qualifications: Paradigm Personality Workplace Big Five™, CCL’s Benchmarks 360 assessment suite, Change Style Indicator, EQ-I 2.0, Hogan Assessment Suite, Firo-B.