Timothy Altaffer

Senior Consultant

Timothy Altaffer, Senior Consultant


Tim is a senior business consultant and executive coach who brings 12+ years’ experience as a CEO in major multinationals around the world and 10+ years leading accredited coaching, consulting and advising practices.  Tim understands that people are at the root of every business success and the key to improving the bottom line.  His years as a CEO and his evidenced-based approach allow him to understand the demands and expectations of this level.

Background & Industry Experience

Tim is the founder and Managing Partner of Efficax, LLC, an executive coaching and consulting firm in Los Angeles, CA. He is also a Senior Partner at KC&D, a management consulting firm in Brazil, focused on strategy and strategy execution.

Both companies are focused on developing leaders who want to be more effective and want to make a difference. They offer coaching and consulting / advisement through an experienced and integrated approach that has brought outstanding results to leaders across many industries, cultures and demographics.

Tim is an accomplished coach, consultant and facilitator. He brings a practical and results-oriented approach grounded in his more than 12 years as a successful CEO in large organizations. He works side-by-side with senior leaders to improve leadership effectiveness, solidly linked to corporate strategy and performance objectives.

His blended approach includes coaching, advising and business case development within a framework emphasizing collaboration, stewardship, self-awareness, accountability, team excellence in action and sustainability.

Tim led major coaching, leadership and change management projects at leading technology, consumer, industrial and health care companies, including Microsoft, Cisco, TIM Brazil, McCann, Pepsico, Pernod Ricard, Lear, Scania, Subsea7, Bayer, Boticario, Casino / GPA, Henkel, Itaú Bank, Mitsui, Ecogen, Bunge, CPFL, Ferrous, HDI, ERM and Samaritano.

Before becoming a coach, consultant and advisor, Tim had a successful executive career in the U.S., Brazil, Latin America and internationally at leading FMCG multinationals such as Novartis, Bacardi limited, Anheuser-Busch International, Kraft / General Foods, Best Foods and Unilever, with 17+ years of C-Suite experience, including 12+ years as CEO / Country Manager. 

He grew his career in the commercial and marketing functions, rapidly moving into senior positions. As a CEO / Country Manager, he reported to Boards of Directors and senior corporate executive teams.

Throughout his career, he was responsible for and led teams to plan and execute expansion programs, growth and market share strategies, new product development and introduction, company and brand repositioning, IPO, downsizing and restructuring, change management, M&A, JV, etc. He was also held accountable for P&L results and had full fiduciary responsibility for the companies he led, their financial health and their operations.

Some of his accomplishments:

  • Led restructuring and change management efforts of a leading, privately held food and beverage company, with two manufacturing units, seven plantations and over 1800 employees,
  • Grew sales of a consumer health manufacturer and distributor by 53% and EBIT by 265% and improved the company’s cash position while achieving leadership in the company’s core channel.
  • Launched a new brand and captured a share of 31% (and leadership) of a highly competitive international brands segment.

Tim is a Board of Directors member for major national and multinational organizations and an Adjunct Professor of Leadership, Strategy and Marketing at leading business schools. He is a U.S. citizen, with in depth knowledge of various international markets and with strong language skills.

Finally, Tim has worked with many C-level professionals and senior managers in large organizations across a broad range of industries and geographies. These include High Tech, Advertising, Automotive, Start-ups, FMCG, Retails, O&G, Mining, Financial, Educational, Infrastructure, Utilities, Transport, Telecom and Pharma, in North America, Latin America Asia and Europe.

Coaching Approach

As an experienced Executive Coach and Advisor, Tim uses an objective, experienced and evidence-based process that is focused on maximizing the return on the coaching / advising investment. He blends that approach with an empathetic understanding of the challenges of a C-Suite position.

His experience as a CEO serves as a foundation for this. He knows how to listen, support and encourage leaders to identify and execute the best strategies, make the hard choices and be successful with their personal and organizational goals.

His absolute focus is on his clients’ goals and needs. He uses a structured process that establishes a relationship of trust and productive challenge, offers a balance between Integral and Application Coaching, uses assessment tools to increase self-awareness and accountability and provides detailed monitoring and measurement of the impact.

Tim helps leaders and their organizations achieve their goals, deliver on their promises and reach their highest potential.

Facilitation & Teambuilding Approach

Tim’s experience as a successful executive, his years as a Professor at leading business schools and his time as an Associate Partner at Axialent (a global leader in culture transformation that helps multinational organizations drive sustainable business results through effective behavioral change) informs his approach to facilitation and teambuilding.

He uses a participant-centered approach based on the principle that change come from learning that takes place inside the participant vs. lecturing that teaches the participant from the outside in. Tim helps facilitate this change by providing learning events (i.e., case studies, role plays, challenges, etc.) in which the participant has the central role in effecting the desired change.

As a facilitator, Tim has developed and delivered many courses and workshops on leadership (coaching, teams, effective leadership, etc.), organizational culture, strategy and marketing. He has consistently received high ratings by students and participants (4.8 out of 5) and was elected Professor of the year by students of Insper’s (leading Brazilian business school) CMM program in 2015.

Relevant Assessment Assignments

  • Assessment/Development Centers: Certified by CCL to deliver feedback coaching for LAP, LDP and MLP programs. Tools include CCL’s 360 products, MBTI, Firo-B, WPB5, SDI, ISI, Reina Trust and Hogan’s Leadership series (HDS, HPI, MVPI).
  • 360 Feedback and multi-assessment feedback: Facilitates 360 and multi-assessment feedback sessions with leaders and has done this work with early career managers to Corporate Officers.

Relevant Coaching Assignments

  • Executive Coaching: Certified PCC by ICF, with over 5,000 hours of executive coaching with leaders across private and public sector organizations.
  • CEO, North America of a European mineral and metal extraction company: focus on building the team and successfully executing his division’s plans.
  • Executive Director, Corporate Affairs and Communications for a leading aerospace company: focus on developing her Executive Presence and increasing her influence across the organization.
  • Senior Director, Division IP Counsel for an American provisioner of scientific instrumentation, reagents and consumables: focus on preparing him for greater responsibilities.
  • CEO / Head LatAm of a German conglomerate: focus on team building, improving his leadership skills and driving growth throughout the region.
  • Head of Leadership Development at the Brazilian subsidiary of a large Tech. corporation: focus on preparing her for a regional position while dealing with quality-of-life issues.

Relevant Facilitation & Teambuilding Assignments

  • Organizational Culture Change Facilitation: Designed and delivered organization-wide culture change initiatives, starting with alignment of the executive team, and cascading throughout the organization via workshops, on-demand coaching, culture committees and sponsors, etc. Highlights include leading the design and delivery of a 4-year culture transformation program at the largest Brazilian retailer to align behaviors, symbols and systems to desired business objectives.
  • Leadership Development Programs: Has worked with organizations to design and deliver leadership development workshops. Some examples include sessions focused on team building, conscious business, mentoring, coaching culture, self-awareness, critical thinking, change leadership, conflict management, purpose, organizational and team culture, etc.
  • Executive Education Design and Delivery: As a Professor and consultant, worked to develop and deliver sessions ranging from 1 hour to multi-day leadership and strategy programs, including multi-session events as part of accredited degree / certificate programs. Has facilitated sessions ranging from those focused on a single topic, such as critical thinking, to integrated leadership development sessions, designed to focus on several areas of relevance to a team or participants. Worked with clients in national and global organizations across a range of industry sectors to design custom / tailored programs.
  • Teambuilding Events: Worked with several executive teams at leading organizations to help build the teams’ culture, foster conversations around expectations, build High Performing Teams (Katzenbach and Lencioni) and facilitate strategic planning.

Education & Professional Affiliations

  • Certified by ICF (PCC), The Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara, ICI, CCL and Axialent.
  • Certified with assessment tools by CCL (MBTI, Firo-B, WorkPlace Big Five™, SDI, ISI, Reina Trust, 360 Series), Human Synergistics (LSI 360) and Hogan (Leadership Series HDS, HPI, MVPI).
  • Board Member and Director of Samaritano Association / Hospital, DHR International Brazil, Sidekick.team, ICF LA and Conscious Capitalism.
  • Certified Director from UCLA Anderson, MBA in Finance / International Business from New York University (Stern School of Business) and BS in Economics from Lehigh University.
  • Native Portuguese speaker and fluent in Spanish.