The paradigm SchoolPlace Big Five Profile™

Designed for Students 12 – 22

The SchoolPlace Big Five Profile™ is an assessment designed to help students succeed. Based on the Five Factor Model of Personality, this tool provides meaningful insights to students. It is appropriate for middle school, high school, and college or vocational schools.

The SchoolPlace Big Five Profile™ Helps With:

Choosing a Major

Finding an internship

Understanding their learning style

student with SchoolPlace Big Five Profile report

Growing leadership capacity

Researching career paths


Students using the SchoolPlace Big Five Profile™ product suite take a single assessment. The output from this assessment can be used to create the following reports:


The Trait report provides scores on five supertraits and 23 subtraits, using easily digestible graphs and accessible language, leveraging the power of the gold standard big five model of personality.

See sample report.

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The SchoolPlace Career Guider™ Report analyzes a student’s personality infrastructure and compares it to competencies required for specific jobs. This report provides best fits in regards to career choice, as well as identifies strategies to leverage strengths and minimize weaknesses for efficient job performance.

See sample report.


student completing SchoolPlace Big Five Profile Assessment


The SchoolPlace Learner™ Report evaluates a student’s academic performance approach, social learning styles, possible distractions, and more. The Learner Report helps students leverage self-awareness in order to achieve their academic goals.

See sample report.

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The SchoolPlace Leader Report™ shows a student’s personal leadership profile, leadership strengths, and abilities to leverage and develop opportunities and approaches.

See sample report.

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