Critical Insights into Behaviors that matter in the workplace

The WorkPlace Performance 360°™ is an easy to administer, customizable 360° assessment can be used for one-off coaching engagements or for organization-wide developmental 360° initiatives. The WorkPlace Performance 360°™ brings the language of WorkPlace™ competencies and flexibility into a powerful multi-rater evaluation tool that helps leaders map and plan for development. Observations from managers and colleagues provide leaders with essential feedback for personal and professional development. This intuitive, web-based assessment is appropriate for leaders at any level.

One of the many benefits of the WorkPlace Performance 360°™ is the flexibility offered to organizations wanting to customize the assessment based on information that matters most.

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Foster a culture of development.


Bring forth information and communication that helps individuals understand perception gaps in performance.


Gain a meaningful framework for choosing behaviors and creating action plans that are professionally and personally rewarding.

Delivers accurate feedback on individuals’ important workplace behaviors so that actionable development plans can be designed.

Designed to meet current and future 360° needs of our client base, the WorkPlace Performance 360°™ provides:

1) WorkPlace™ competencies

2) Clear and concise reports incorporating graphical and tabular formats

3) Intuitive web-based client administration

4) Customizable Competencies, Items, Anchors and Rater Categories

5) Ability to evaluate Competencies by Strength and/or Importance

6) Highlighting Performance Challenges, Comfort Zones, Hidden Strengths, and Blind Spots

7) Gap Analysis

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