Senior Consultant

Ginger Craig, Senior Consultant


Since 1996, Ginger has built a strong record of success in helping organizations and individuals achieve their business goals. Her work has spanned the full spectrum, from long-term relationships with internationally recognized Fortune 500 firms to short term interventions with small nonprofits.


Ginger began working in leadership development as an employee of Bank of America. Her responsibilities included designing and delivering the leadership development processes for the company’s major lines of business and support functions.  She also facilitated the company’s leadership training programs and worked as part of the design team for the bank’s executive development program.

Promoted to the New York office, she played a key role in reshaping the culture and HR practices there. She did this while leading Talent Management efforts for the debt businesses within the Global Corporate Investment Bank. In this role, Ginger was responsible for leadership and executive development, organization design, change management and executive coaching. She then progressed into HR Business Partner roles, supporting product groups within Wealth Management as well as the CIO’s for Consumer Banking and Risk Management.  In this role, she managed a 20-person global HR team and oversaw the build-out of a new 325-person knowledge center in Mumbai, India.

Ginger has designed and delivered services such as executive coaching, individual and group assessments, organizational development and design, change management, succession planning, meeting design and facilitation, and selection processes.

Coaching Approach

Ginger is known for her integrity, candor and disciplined process approach. She believes people need to hear the truth about what they’re doing and how it’s working. But it needs to be delivered in a way they can receive it. More importantly, they need to understand how to act on what they hear and how to use it to improve their performance.  Her coaching sessions are built around showing people what they’re doing and the impact it’s having on others. Then looking together at what’s working and what’s not and working on changing behaviors to achieve better results.

Facilitation & Teambuilding Approach

Over the course of her 20-year career in business and organizational development, Ginger has learned that there is no one size fits all model that works for all organizations in all situations. Success is defined by the business realities and changing landscape of the industry as well as the needs of the organization and its people.  

From this knowledge of the industry, the organization, and its people, Ginger works to build a specific plan to address the needs. Through this work the team learns how to better leverage their strengths, how to grow stronger where they are weak, and how to avoid the behaviors that can only take them off track.  Then Ginger and the team work together to ensure sustainable behavior, that they then measure, resulting in a more productive team and organizational impact

Relevant Assessment Assignments

  • 360 Feedback and multi-assessment feedback: Delivers 360-degree feedback and Hogan personality assessments for individual executives and teams.
  • Executive Coaching: Coaching for executive clients ranging from family-owned businesses to global companies spanning a number of sectors including quick service restaurants, computer security, building solutions, and marketing and business support.
  • Leadership Development Programs: Delivered corporate leadership programs at Bank of America to first time supervisors, mid-level managers and senior leaders.
  • Team Meeting Design and Facilitation: Designed and facilitated the first nationwide meeting for one of Wealth Management’s key product groups at Bank of America. The meeting was successfully used as the platform to launch a change in strategic direction.
  • Leadership and Organizational Development: Developed a leadership success model, with an improvement focus, to be integrated across all people processes.


Certified user of Hogan personality assessments, CCL’s Benchmarks 360 Assessment Suite, the Leadership Versatility Index (LVI), and the Workplace Big Five Profile

Education & Professional Affiliations

  • BS in Business (Wake Forest University)
  • Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Advanced Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultural Studies (University of North Carolina – Greensboro)
  • Certified user of Hogan Assessment Suite and the Leadership Versatility Index